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Local activities in Italy

  • Session 1: Introduction to Social Enterprises • We defined SE and found characteristics of social enterprises. • We analyzed the key differences between traditional businesses and social enterprises. • We had some example of inspirational success stories of prominent social enterprises.
  • Session 2: Identifying Social and Environmental Issues • We understood the importance of addressing social and environmental challenges. • We identified pressing issues in the local and global community with a brainstorming potential social enterprise ideas.
  • Session 3: Business Models for Social Enterprises • We studied different business models employed by social enterprises (e.g., B Corp, Non-profit, Hybrid models) together with case studies of successful social enterprise business models.
  • Session 4: Measuring Social Impact • In this session we saw methods and tools for measuring the social and environmental impact of a social enterprise. • We established key performance indicators (KPIs) for social impact.
  • Session 5: Creating a Sustainable Business Plan • We saw examples of developing a business plan that balances social impact and financial sustainability and as well we identified funding sources for social enterprises (grants, impact investors, crowdfunding, etc.).
  • Session 6: Legal and Regulatory Considerations • We understood the legal structures for social enterprises and navigating regulatory challenges and compliance.
  • Session 7: Marketing and Branding for Social Enterprises • This session was dedicated to communicate the social mission effectively to customers and stakeholders by building a strong brand identity for a social enterprise.
  • Session 8: Financial Management for Social Enterprises • We studied the budgeting and financial planning for social enterprises together with strategies for maximizing revenue and managing costs.
  • Session 9: Scaling Impact and Growth Strategies • We saw the strategies for scaling up a social enterprise without compromising social mission, collaborations and partnerships for increased impact.
  • Session 10: Pitching for Social Impact • We crafted an impactful pitch to attract investors and partners together with pitching exercise and feedback.