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Project aims to develop youth workers and trainers’ skills in order to build the capacity of NGOs through enriching the key staff capacity on facilitation and training. It is dedicated to provide participants both practical knowledge and experiential learning on social entrepreneurship and sustainable development. The participants will learn how to facilitate/train on social entrepreneurship.

To increase economic stability by creating new dynamic social enterprises thus raising awareness among partners and relevant bodies about social entrepreneurship. to develop socio-economic of North East India 2 – Develop partners’ capacity to act as a change makers in their regions/nation in order to reduce youth unemployment by creating sustainable collaboration with stakeholders and business sectors and training young entrepreneurs to start their business, especially focusing on social problems. 3 – Create a network of social enterprises across Europe and India in order to create space for exchanges and scale up of the start-ups. 4 – Build the future capacity of participating NGOs from EU and in North East India. By creating space for a new generation of social entrepreneurs to lay the foundations of their work to support their own local communities, it furthers the need to maintain the partnership with the EU NGOs for long term knowledge transfer and experience to the region. 5 – Create a social impact through training and development with respective partners to better sustain their respective infrastructures by efficiently manipulate the resources provided.

Fethiye, Turkey

London, UK

Shillong, India

Milan, Italy